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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Men's Cruiser Bikes Can Also be Men's Beach Cruisers #MotorRider

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Men's Cruiser Bikes Can Also be Men's Beach Cruisers

Men's Cruiser Bikes or Men's Beach Cruisers are synonymous words for male bicycles that come in various sizes, designs and uses. The vehicle's term may already tell its use but the name doesn't functions as it seems like mountain bikes which are not really rode to mountainous regions only. Such two wheeled transportation emerged in 1933 in a Schwinn's World B10E Motorbike model named after the designer Frank W. Schwinn. The model is crafted similarly to the 1930's motorcycle image where it is constructed with a width of 2.125 inch balloon tires and a cantilevered frame with an attached two top tubes. The creation then became the precursor of the development of several different men's beach cruisers or men's cruiser bikes design.

Men's Cruiser Bikes/Men's Beach Cruiser - Brands and Designs

Mens cruiser bikes and mens beach cruisers have several types of models and quality brands. The following brands and structure designs are usually the sought after and the ones that gained more favor from consumers:

1) Electra - is the beach cruising bicycles leading manufacturer. It offers numerous variety of styles and famous for molding unique designs and forward pedaling ability which is incorporated in all models.

2) Firmstrong - manufactures finely crafted bikes at an affordable value. The Urban Man and Urban Lady are the top purchased models due to its different enticing colors, classic framed design and fender addition ability.

3) Nirve - the highest ranking manufacturer of cruise bicycles since it is the only enterprise that can construct a quality components, keen graphical and thickened bar frame designs. The company also associates with big business institutes by producing a bicycle containing the companies own blue print designs such as Hello Kitty, Paul Frank and etc.

4) SixThreeZero - manufactures men's cruiser bikes/men's beach cruisers for 5 years. The production is more focused on comfort and style at an affordable price.

Maintenance for Men's Cruiser Bikes and Men's Beach Cruisers

To make men's cruiser bikes or the men's beach cruisers last longer, proper care should be given on the item. The following are the helpful tips in maintaining the durability of the bicycle:

1) Never leave the vehicle outside the rain for it hastens the rusting ability of the parts and alters the smooth running capacity

2) Don't let sand enter the chains or gear sprockets for it promotes friction and wears down the bike components in the long run

3) Lubricate the gears when applicable, chains, and seat springs occasionally

4) Treat the vehicle as what is it designed for every form of bicycle has an exclusive usage whether for sports or riding leisure only

5) Provide a complete overhaul even twice a year

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  1. getting one and maintaining are two different things - I'm sure this will be helpful to those who have one.

  2. this is a wonderful design i love the bike.

  3. We should really take care of the bikes as their prone to rust and becomes stiff with not much usage.

  4. I like the color of the bike on the photo. Thanks for the tips on how to take care of bikes.

  5. This looks like a very durable bike to ride around the beach!


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