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Saturday, September 12, 2015

About Learning Motorcycle Riding Effectively #MotorRider

About Learning Motorcycle Riding Effectively #MotorRider

Riding a motorcycle is a serious task. For the veteran riders as well as new learners, safe riding can make motor riding a fun.

There are many driving schools in Alberta and Calgary providing effective motorcycle driving classes. The Class 6 license covers both motorcycle and moped.

A motorcycle permit test involves successful completion of sign identification and an eye test.
A candidate must be minimum 16 years before taking the test. He must have obtained parental consent and have proof that driver education has been successfully completed. A valid proof of completed a motorcycle safety course is also important in clearing the permit test. The motorcycle permit will have a validity of 6 months and can be renewed twice for the same duration.

All motorcycle riders must follow these rules.

1. Compulsory eye protection
2. Wearing approved helmet
3. Strict adherence to riding alone in daylight hours

The objective of Motorcycle safety course teaches the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle safely. There are many things to be taken care of in the matter of safe riding.


The things taught in a classroom are€"to operate a motorcycle properly: defensive driving techniques, preventive maintenance to be accident free. Maneuvering the motorcycle, and bad weather driving techniques.

The Motorcycle Safety Course is compulsory to prepare for the written and practical classes to achieve the skills and get a motorcycle license.

The benefit of attending a safety course is that most insurance companies offer a discount to drivers for successfully doing the safety course.

Good safety course

Qualified instructors conduct safety courses under a specific schedule. The course can last several weeks and include actual riding time. Motorcycle sales shops usually good candidates to find the best motorcycle safety course in a particular area.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation too holds safety courses in most of the localities. They have listings of local places to check if they do not have the actual course dates.

Friends, family members and co-workers can also guide on the motorcycle safety course. Referral always gives better results.

Safety course gives lessons in

1. Parts of the motorcycle
2. Basic maintenance
3. Emergency repairs
4. Conditions for motorcycle performance
5. Safety equipment use
6. Defensive driving

A motorcycle safety course is important since even a small mistake can turn fatal. Even experienced drivers can benefit from this type of course if they have not already taken one. Experienced riders must also know the basics of motorcycle safety.

There are many driving schools in Alberta and Calgary providing effective motorcycle driving classes. The Class 6 license covers both motorcycle and moped.

A motorcycle permit test involves successful completion of sign identification test and an eye test.

Source: Emily Smith
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  1. I know hubby wants to own a motorcycle especially when driving to work during the summer, but I am always hesitant for him to own one. It is too dangerous and one of my friend's husband died because of motor accident.

  2. I couldn't agree more with everything listed here. I can definitely attest to using a helmet. I had numerous accidents on a motorcycle but thank God nothing serious has happened to me and my dad. I wasn't wearing a helmet on my first accident. After that, I knew how important a helmet is. :-)

  3. Motorcycle riders should take heed of this so the roads will be safer.

  4. You know I am scared to drive a car but for some reason, I am not scared to ride a motorcycle.

  5. I wonder if these are also implemented in the Philippines? I think these rules should be regulated world-wide. There are plenty of accidents involving motorcycle riders. Proper equipment and safe accessories must also be enforced before issuing a DL to motorcycle riders to ensure their safety and protection and other motorists and pedestrians as well when they are on the road.

  6. My son is dead set on buying a motorcycle. He's saving so much out of his salary so he could have enough for a down payment. Can you imagine my anxiety over this? Even if my son is a careful and responsible motorcycle driver, it is those other crazy nuts on the road that scare me to death.

  7. I couldn't agree more. This is definitely a must in every rider. As for me, I personally consider a rider must be fully equipped and knowledgeable in this term. Technically, if you are one, you can definitely avoid and be the cause of the danger.

  8. Hubby wants to buy a motorcycle to be used for going to and from work but he's haasn't decided on what brand and model to buy.


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